I gained foundations in HTML, CSS and JavaScript mostly at the online school Team Treehouse, starting courses there in February 2016. Click here to see my Treehouse achievements.

The biggest learning curve has been in building a portfolio of creative websites from summer 2016, and more recently working on a corporate product which has thousands of users.

I am driven by the creative process of solving problems, implementing solutions and refining the result.


The structure of it all...

From simple page structures to more playful designs like the team page at, I use elements in a range of ways.

Including SVG as an HTML element allows for beautiful CSS3 animation effects. I used the HTML5 canvas element on a drawing app and 'Mask Michael'.

CCS and Sass

Layouts, themes, animations...

Ever since accepting the American spelling of colour, CSS has been a close friend of mine.

The folding paper animation effect on the team page at was created primarily with CSS, with a little jQuery.

I use Sass to pre-process CSS.


Good behaviour gets you far...

Programming in JavaScript offers many fascinating problems to solve. I've enjoyed creating custom image viewers and mobile navigation menus for the websites in my portfolio.

'Hungry Cat game' is an adventure into more advanced JavaScript, built in React with Redux. The player controls a cat who must collect food without being caught by a dog!


Creative background...

Making icons and logos in Adobe Illustrator feels good in the same way home cooking feels good. I also use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate images for projects.

With a background in Fine Art I have a keen eye for visuals, creating fresh themes which are brand-consistent.

To me the creative process of inspiration, execution and evaluation has an affinity with the design and development of web apps.

Development tools

Command line, Git, task runners...

I use Git version control to maintain a clear project history and to collaborate with colleagues.

I use npm packages with Webpack and Gulp for development and deployment. I'm comfortable in the terminal/command line and like using Vim text editor.

Python and Django...

Generating webpages...

We use Django webpage templating at INTO University Partnerships to generate the pages for INTO's 'MyINTO' student site.


Talking to server side... uses PHP to query what images Charley wants on her web pages, making content updates easier

The Moodle activity modules for 'MyINTO' are built with PHP templating and theming, and we create custom themes here.

Responsive design

3 websites at once...

I trained in a mobile-first approach. When designing a site, it has three modes: mobile, tablet and desktop - plus any more specific media queries to distinguish iPhone 4 from the improved iPhone 5, for example.

I also bind JavaScript according to screen conditions, testing conditions based on CSS properties.

Website optimisation

Speeding things up...

DRY code is the best code.

I optimise image assets in Photoshop and keep HTTP requests to a minimum, and keep websites accessible to screen reader users and keyboard-only users.

Does this screwdriver make you feel a little dizzy?